Trilby Hat - The Classic Hat that Never Goes out of Style

Trilby Hat - The Classic Hat that Never Goes out of Style

Did you know the name trilby actually originates from a London stage adaptation of the 1994 George du Maurier novel, Trilby? In the play, the Trilby hat was the style worn by the lead character and its enormous popularity would lead to the eventual naming of the style itself. Traditionally, the Trilby hat was made from rabbit hair felt but they're more commonly made these days from pure wool felt, various fabric blends, and raffia straw. At Stanton Hats Australia, one of our most popular Trilby hats is made in the traditional way from 100% wool felt.

What is a Trilby Hat? 

CLASSIC TRILBY - Men's Trilby Hats Australia
The Trilby is a classic hat which has been a firmly established style for many years. Worn by both men and women, the Trilby hat is essentially a fedora-style hat but with a shorter brim that characteristically curls up at the rear. The sides of the crown are typically pinched, but it’s the turned-up brim at the rear that is its defining feature. Over the years, many music celebrities and film personalities have become associated with the Trilby as their hat of choice and they're still widely worn by both men and women in a variety of settings from formal through to everyday casual wear.
How to Wear a Trilby Hat

Because these fashionable hats for men and women were originally worn by the more affluent, they still work perfectly well with formal wear and suits to this day. In the classic sense, the Trilby would be placed from the front of the head to the back with a slight tilt to the side. In more casual settings, they are often seen worn more towards the back of the head, halo-style, with a little of the underside of the brim on show. 

When matched with a pair of slim pants, fitted shirt and loafers, it makes for the ultimate smart casual look for any night out, a day at the races, or even casual wedding attire. 

Who Can Wear a Trilby?

Anybody and everybody can wear a trilby. Exploring different hat styles is a great way to express individual personality but as with any fashion-related accessory, the Trilby might suit some more than others owing to its shorter crown and narrower brim. The Fedora, for example, with its wider brim might be the preferred option for others. Therefore, if you wish to consider more alternative styles, the following are recommended as they're often worn interchangeably to suit the particular occasion.

Fedora Hat

Traditional Felt Fedora Hat

The Fedora is another long-established, classic men's hat worn all over the world. Fedora Hats come in different styles and can be made from a variety of materials and fabrics. However, as with the Trilby, classic fedoras are typically associated with being made from pure wool felt. 

Pork Pie Hat

Traditional Pork Pie Hat

The Pork Pie Hat became popular in the mid-19th century where its resemblance to the traditional shape of the pork pie of the day forged its name. These hats have a flat top crown and a narrow turned-up brim. Whilst this traditionally iconic style was invariably worn by men, it was once extremely popular with college students throughout the Great Depression too. It has also been a much-loved style adopted by noted musicians and celebrities; and in Hollywood, where it has been worn on screen by many a famous actor of the day. 

Flat Cap


Known by various names including ivy caps and cheese-cutters, the universal popularity of the flat cap remains as popular today as ever. With its origins dating as far back to 14th century, England, the flat cap cannot be overlooked when it comes to an essential, easy-to-wear addition to your wardrobe. The flat cap can be found in an array of colour options and in different materials which makes it easy to find the right style to suit your needs. For summer, lightweight styles made from linen or cotton are easy to wear and are usually the most breathable. Thicker fabrics, such as wool or Harris Tweed, are often popular winter options, but overall, Ivy Caps are versatile enough to blend in with most outfits.

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Whether you are thinking about a Trilby, Fedora, or Flat Cap, you can see the full range of styles on display at Stanton Hats. If you love hats, or just want to experiment with a new style to add to your wardrobe, you can visit our store today for more.

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