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Laurence-IT001 Sale price$85.00
Classic Felt Fedora-IT015Classic Felt Fedora-IT015
Classic Felt Fedora-IT015 Sale price$85.00
Women's Felt Fedora-IT017Women's Felt Fedora-IT017
Women's Felt Fedora-IT017 Sale price$85.00
Classic Felt Fedora-IT016Classic Felt Fedora-IT016
Classic Felt Fedora-IT016 Sale price$85.00
Fine Felt Widebrim-IT008Fine Felt Widebrim-IT008
Fine Felt Widebrim-IT008 Sale price$89.00
Premium Trilby-IT003Premium Trilby-IT003
Premium Trilby-IT003 Sale price$79.00
Sold outEmma-IT006Emma-IT006
Emma-IT006 Sale price$79.00
Isaac-IT002 Sale price$79.00
Sold outCamilla-IT005Camilla-IT005
Camilla-IT005 Sale price$79.00
Fine Felt Fedora-IT013Fine Felt Fedora-IT013
Fine Felt Fedora-IT013 Sale price$124.00
fur felt fedora blackfur felt fedora grey
Fine Fur Felt Fedora-IT012 Sale price$180.00
Deluxe Fur Felt Fedora-IT011Deluxe Fur Felt Fedora-IT011
Sold outWomen's Felt Fedora-IT007Women's Felt Fedora-IT007
Women's Felt Fedora-IT007 Sale price$89.00
Fine Brisa Panama-IT301
Fine Brisa Panama-IT301 Sale price$164.00
Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT300Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT300
Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT302Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT302
Alistair-IT004 Sale price$79.00
 Italy Cap black Italy Cap grey
Glen Plaid Ivy Cap-IT212 Sale price$49.00
Curtis-IT202 Sale price$56.00
Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203
Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203 Sale price$111.00
Premium Leather Ivy-IT204
Premium Leather Ivy-IT204 Sale price$131.00
Premium Leather Newsboy-IT213Premium Leather Newsboy-IT213
Linen Blend Ivy-IT215Linen Blend Ivy-IT215
Linen Blend Ivy-IT215 Sale price$59.00
Marlon-IT208 Sale price$62.00
Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210
Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210 Sale priceFrom $82.00
Sold outHarris Tweed Newsboy-IT211Harris Tweed Newsboy-IT211
Mixed Blend Ivy Cap - IT216Mixed Blend Ivy Cap - IT216
Italian Newsboy Cap-IT217Italian Newsboy Cap-IT217
Italian Newsboy Cap-IT217 Sale price$62.00
Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218
Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218 Sale price$59.00
Pure Wool Ivy Cap-IT219
Pure Wool Ivy Cap-IT219 Sale price$62.00

M A D E  I N  I T A L Y

All hats featured in our Italian Collection range are constructed from the highest grade
All hats featured in our Italian Collection range are constructed from the highest-grade raw materials and fabrics. Attention is paid to fine detail and the traditions of classic styling to bring you this exclusive range of the highest quality headwear.

The Italian Collection from Stanton Hats is where the timeless simplicity of tradition meets the true essence of classic styling. With the emphasis on traditional styles and superior quality, the Italian Collection showcases a range of timeless designs and classic hats all made in Italy.  All hats featured in our Italian Collection range are constructed from the highest-grade raw materials and fabrics. From stylish felt fedoras through to traditional ivy caps and Panama hats, the true essence of Italian craftsmanship is captured in this exclusive range. With hats for men and women, the Italian Collection is where attention is paid to fine detail and the traditions of classic styling.


Frequently Asked Questions


How should I care for my Italian hat?
Care requirements will always depend upon the particular material or fabric from which the hat is made. There can be different care instructions for hats made from different materials such as leather, felt, or straw. It is generally recommended to store hats in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
See here for more detailed information about caring for different types of hats:


How do I know my hat size?
To measure your hat size, place a tape measure (tailor’s tape) horizontally around the widest part of your head approximately 3 cms above your eyebrows. The tape should ideally be placed around your head where the hat will sit. Ensure your measurements are accurate and add one centimetre. Whilst you’re not looking for a hat that fits too tightly, most hats in the Stanton range are also size-adjustable which means the size can be reduced down if necessary.
More help can be found by visiting our Hat Size Guide here:


Why do people choose Italian-made hats? 
Italian-made hats are known for their use of premium quality materials and fabrics. Skilled Italian artisans are renowned for their uncompromising craftsmanship and dedication to detail using traditional techniques passed down through many generations. It is this understanding of fine craftsmanship and the quality of raw materials used that make Italian-made hats such sought-after items.


Are Italian-made hats suitable for all seasons? 
Italian hats are made in a variety of materials which are suitable for all seasons. With many styles having already established themselves as great options for wearing all year round, good quality hats provide many benefits including high UV protection and all-around versatility throughout different times of the year. The Italian Collection from Stanton Hats provides a stylish range of classic hats to suit all seasons.