Size Guide

Determining Your Hat Size

Place a tape measure (tailor’s tape) around the widest part of your head approximately 3 cms above your eyebrows. The tape should ideally be placed around your head where the hat will sit. Repeat the procedure to ensure that your measurements are accurate and add on one centimetre. Whilst you’re not looking for a hat that fits too tightly, many hats in the Stanton Hats range are size-adjustable which means the size can be reduced down if required (please check product details for more information).

The size of your hat can also be reduced with the use of Hat Size Reducers. This product can be viewed here:

To help you select your correct size, please note the sizing information listed in the Size Guide below. If you fall between two head sizes, it is generally recommended to select the larger of the two sizes.   


 52 20 1/2 X-SMALL
 53 20 3/4
 54 21 1/4 SMALL
 55 21 3/4
 56 22 MEDIUM
 57 22 1/2
 58 22 3/4 LARGE
 59 23 1/4
 60 23 1/2 X-LARGE
 61 24
 62 24 1/2 XX-LARGE
 63 24 3/4