The traditional felt hat is one of the most popular styles for men. Stanton Hats Australia is pleased to offer a diverse collection of felt designer hats suitable for the modern gentleman or woman. Our collection infuses classic styles with contemporary appeal.

Our felt hats are more than just an accessory — they are a long-term investment for your style and personal wardrobe. Shop the best felt hats in Australia with our extensive, all-inclusive range of styles, colours, and designs.

Exceptional Quality, Timeless Designs

Stanton Hats’ felt hats are made from 100% authentic wool, providing durability, warmth, and comfort for their wearer. We are dedicated to cultivating comfort and confidence without compromising on classic styles. From timeless fedoras to classic wide-brim hats — our felt hats are crafted with passion, quality materials, and unparalleled experience.

Explore our full range of wool felt hats for the ultimate Stanton Hats experience — and find a hat you’ll want to wear forever.

Felt Hats FAQs

How should I clean my wool felt hat?

Clean your wool felt hat with a dry brush — brush the hat slowly in anti-clockwise circles and rub any dirty areas with a safe dry-cleaning fluid. If your hat is seriously stained or dirty, you may need to take it to a specialist hat cleaner. Avoid getting your felt hat wet — if it does, however, place packing material inside the hat to prevent shrinkage and allow it to dry naturally indoors. 

What weather are felt hats good for?

Felt hats are suitable for warm and cool climates and everything in between. Wool provides warmth and insulation in cold weather but allows for circulation and cooling in warmer weather.

Are felt hats adjustable?

Stanton Hats’ felt hats come with adjustable leather bands that allow you to resize your wool felt hat. Many of our men’s felt hats and felt hats for women also come in a range of sizes, so you can choose the hat that best suits your head and feels most comfortable.

What styles of felt hats do you sell?

We are pleased to offer a wide range of wool felt hat styles, such as: 

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