Stanton Hats offers a wide of range of styles from newsboy caps to traditional flat caps for sale in Australia. Also known by different names including ivy caps and cheese-cutters, our range comes in a variety of colours and different materials which makes it easy to find the right style to suit any wardrobe. When properly taken care of, good quality hats can last for many years and will always add that extra touch of style and sophistication to your outfit. Regardless of budget, Stanton Hats has something for everyone when it comes to finding the right flat caps and newsboy styles to suit you. So, if you’re looking for men’s flat caps in Australia, Stanton Hats is your ideal destination.

Flat cap styles

Although most flat caps can be considered as year-round accessories, certain styles can be regarded as more seasonal and perhaps better suited to different times of the year. For a more casual look in warmer weather, lightweight styles made from cotton or linen for example are easy to wear and are usually the most breathable. These types of styles are perfect for matching with jeans and t-shirts etc.

Whilst a hat with a wider brim is usually recommended on days when the sun is beating down, there are still those days when all that’s needed is a little extra style and panache. This is where a flat cap can really add that individual touch to any summer outfit whilst still providing enough protection for the top of your head. Flat caps made from thicker fabrics such as Australian wool or Harris Tweed are a great choice in colder weather as they’ll keep your head warm and protected from the elements. Whether you’re looking for an ivy cap to match the seasons, seeking a more formal look, or simply looking for something versatile enough to blend in with most styles of outfits, you can check our extensive range of men’s flat caps in Sydney to find the right style to suit your needs.

Why Choose Men’s Flat Caps in Australia?

Not only are flat caps a traditional style of choice for men; they have also become an increasingly popular unisex style in more recent years. Stanton Hats also features an exclusive range of newsboy, ivy and Italian caps which have been carefully selected for inclusion in its ‘Italian Collection.’ This range comprises flat caps exclusively made in Italy from quality fabrics such as genuine Italian leather and British Harris Tweed Wool. This premium range of ivy caps and newsboy caps are a favourite with many where they’re revered for their timeless, classic looks.

Match your style from our range of men’s flat caps in Australia here at Stanton Hats.

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