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 Italy Cap black Italy Cap grey
Glen Plaid Ivy Cap-IT212 Sale price$49.00
Herringbone Newsboy-SY910Herringbone Newsboy-SY910
Herringbone Newsboy-SY910 Sale price$32.00
Check Pattern Ivy-SY121Check Pattern Ivy-SY121
Check Pattern Ivy-SY121 Sale price$30.00
Italian Newsboy Cap-IT217Italian Newsboy Cap-IT217
Italian Newsboy Cap-IT217 Sale price$62.00
Classic 6-panel Ivy-SY122Classic 6-panel Ivy-SY122
Classic 6-panel Ivy-SY122 Sale price$27.00
Traditional 6-Panel Ivy Cap-SY208Traditional 6-Panel Ivy Cap-SY208
Traditional Ivy Cap - SY209Traditional Ivy Cap - SY209
Mixed Blend Ivy Cap - IT216Mixed Blend Ivy Cap - IT216
Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218
Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218 Sale price$59.00
Pure Wool Ivy Cap-IT219
Pure Wool Ivy Cap-IT219 Sale price$62.00
Wool Blend Patch Ivy-SY804Wool Blend Patch Ivy-SY804
Fine Cotton Ivy Cap-SY810Fine Cotton Ivy Cap-SY810
Fine Cotton Ivy Cap-SY810 Sale price$30.00
Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203
Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203 Sale price$111.00
Premium Leather Ivy-IT204
Premium Leather Ivy-IT204 Sale price$131.00
Premium Leather Newsboy-IT213Premium Leather Newsboy-IT213
Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210
Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210 Sale priceFrom $82.00
Linen Blend Ivy-SY071Linen Blend Ivy-SY071
Linen Blend Ivy-SY071 Sale price$27.00
Linen Blend Ivy-IT215Linen Blend Ivy-IT215
Linen Blend Ivy-IT215 Sale price$59.00
Houndstooth Newsboy-SY014
Houndstooth Newsboy-SY014 Sale price$32.00
Satin-lined Newsboy Cap-SY204
Barkley-SY809 Sale price$30.00
Leo-SY710 Sale price$27.00
Gilbert-STC1640 Sale price$27.00
Curtis-IT202 Sale price$56.00
Marlon-IT208 Sale price$62.00
Cotton Ivy Cap-SY015Cotton Ivy Cap-SY015
Cotton Ivy Cap-SY015 Sale price$32.00
Sold outHarris Tweed Newsboy-IT211Harris Tweed Newsboy-IT211

Ivy Caps and Newsboy Caps

Stanton Hats offers a wide of range of newsboy caps and traditional flat caps to suit all occasions. Known by various names including ivy caps and cheese-cutters, our range comes in a variety of colours and different materials that will add an extra touch of style and sophistication to any outfit. This classic collection of Newsboy Caps and Ivy Caps pays tribute to the timeless simplicity of tradition and embodies the true essence of classic styling. When it comes to an essential, easy-to-wear addition to your wardrobe, Stanton Hats has something for everyone when it comes to finding the right flat caps and newsboy styles to suit you.

Why Choose Ivy Caps and Newsboy Caps in Australia?


Stanton Hats offers an exclusive range of newsboy caps, ivy caps, and Italian caps, carefully selected for inclusion in its Italian Collection. This premium range includes flat caps exclusively made in Italy from quality fabrics such as genuine Italian leather and British Harris Tweed Wool. Whether you're looking for an ivy cap to match the seasons, or simply looking for something versatile enough to blend in with most styles of outfits, you can browse our extensive range of ivy caps and newsboy caps to find the right style to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between an Ivy Cap and a Newsboy Cap?

Ivy Caps, commonly known as flat caps, have a sleek profile with a small, stiff-brimmed peak at the front. Newsboy Caps have a more baggy, fuller shape with a button fitted centrally on top of the cap for a more retro look.

How should I care for my Ivy Cap or Newsboy Cap? 

Care instructions will always vary depending on the material. Generally, with natural fabrics such as cottons and wools, it is recommended to spot-clean them using a warm, damp sponge. A mild detergent can be applied but only if necessary. Allow to dry naturally indoors away from direct sunlight. For leather caps, it is recommended that a good quality leather conditioner be applied periodically. More information about hat care can be found here:

Are Ivy and Newsboy caps seasonal?

Although most flat caps can be worn year-round, certain styles are more suited to different times of the year. For a more casual look in warmer weather, lightweight styles made from cotton or linen for example are easy to wear and are often the most breathable. Whilst a hat with a broader brim is usually recommended on days when the sun is beating down, there are still those days when all that's needed is a little extra style and panache. This is where a flat cap can add that individual touch to any summer outfit whilst still providing enough protection for the top of your head. Flat caps made of thicker fabrics such as Australian wool or Harris Tweed are a great choice in colder weather as they'll keep your head warm and protected from the elements.

Are Ivy Caps and Newsboy Caps unisex?

Once regarded as being a more traditional style for men, flat caps have become an increasingly popular unisex style in recent years. Stanton Hats offers an exclusive range of newsboy caps, ivy caps, and Italian caps which can be worn by both men and women.

How do I know my hat size?

To determine your head size, place a tape measure (tailor's tape) around the widest part of your head approximately 3 cm above your eyebrows. The tape should ideally be placed around your head where the hat will sit. Repeat the procedure to ensure your measurements are correct and add one centimetre. More help can be found by visiting our Hat Size Guide here: