Top 5 Guide - Best Summer Hats and Caps for Stylish Men

Top 5 Guide - Best Summer Hats and Caps for Stylish Men

Hats have established themselves as the most adaptable of all style accessories to complete any stylish men's outfit. So, whether you’re just looking to add a little extra refinement, or perhaps make an individual statement, stylish hats serve as multi-faceted fashion accessories. Aside from being an excellent addition to your wardrobe first and foremost, hats also serve a practical purpose; particularly when it comes to protecting us from the elements. And with so many different styles of hats to choose from, just where do you start when it comes to deciding which one to wear? It begins with making a few basic decisions about when and where you intend to wear your new hat. Some styles have been adapted to suit certain terrains, whilst others are more suited to the seasons themselves. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hat styles that are perfect for summer.

Here is the Stanton Hats Top Five guide to the most trending summer hats and caps styles for stylish men: 

1. Panama Hats

panama hat ecuador

Always regarded as icons of timeless fashion, the dependable Panama hat can always be relied upon to enhance any summer outfit no matter how casual or formal. Perfect for those long relaxing days in the sun, Panama hats are lightweight, easy to wear, and effortlessly blend with almost any style of summer outfit. Essentially a fedora-shaped hat with a central crease running through the centre of the crown, Panama hats encapsulate that inimitable sense of style whilst offering good UV protection at the same time.

Incorporating the finest craftsmanship in the traditional weaving of the hat, the Panama originated in Ecuador around the mid-1880s. Since then, it has become a staple fashion accessory the world over with its global appreciation evident by its sheer popularity. It’s not surprising therefore that good quality, genuine Panama hats are still showing no signs of decline when it comes to the summertime fashion stakes. So, if you’re on the lookout for a stylish summer hat that exudes character no matter the occasion, a Panama hat symbolizes everything we come to associate with refinement and style. 

2. Felt hats

felt hats

The fact that felt hats have firmly established themselves as a great option for the summer months has been a huge success story in itself. With more and more people realizing that felt hats need not be thought exclusively as being a winter style, the benefits they provide in terms of high UV protection and all-round versatility far outweigh any preconceptions that they’re for wearing through the colder months only. Let’s face it, regardless of the hat you might be wearing at the time, when it’s hot, it’s hot; and when the sun is shining and temperatures are soaring, the reality is that no hat will actually cool you down. Therefore, what you should be mindful of in these situations is the level of protection you are receiving. This is where a good felt hat offering UV 50+ protection comes into its own. One made of a more lightweight construction won’t feel heavy on your head, and, if it’s of sufficient quality, will feel more breathable than some of its heavier counterparts.

Perhaps the most prominent style for summer would be the felt fedora. A hat with a good 6.5cm-8cm brim will not only provide good protection but will combine well with most summer outfits, smart or casual. Unlike Panama hats or raffia straw hats which lend themselves particularly well to the summer months, you may think of a felt hat as being the ideal accessory for wearing all-year-round.

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3. Raffia Hats

Straw hats and summertime go hand in hand. We know that straw hats are lightweight, easy to wear, and conjure images of relaxing days at the beach under blue skies; but not all straw hats are created equal. Many inexpensive straw hats you find can be poorly constructed, easily fall apart, and without putting too fine a point on it, offer little when it comes to looking stylish. So, if you’re looking for a straw hat that is still lightweight and easy to wear, but also want something that’s more durable, stylish, and of superior quality, you might wish to consider a straw hat made from natural crocheted raffia.


Crocheted raffia hats are known for being especially breathable in warmer weather. They are well constructed and far more resistant to becoming easily damaged when compared with cheaper quality straw versions. Good quality raffia straw hats are also packable. This means they can be fashioned back into their original shape as long as excessive force is not applied. Because no hat is immune to excessive force, even when labelled as being travel-friendly, it’s still true to say that a good, crocheted raffia hat is far more conducive for packing than its lesser quality straw equivalents. The fedora or trilby would be the two most popular raffia styles for summer because both are particularly well-suited to casual summer wear. When you think short sleeves, T-shirts, and light-coloured beachwear on relaxing sunny days, a good quality raffia hat will always be your perfect summertime companion.

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4. Flat Caps


Colloquially known by various names including ivy caps and cheese-cutters, the universal popularity of the flat cap has never showed any real signs of slowing. In part, this could be attributed to it having been such an established style for so long with its origins dating as far back to 14th century, England. Because the flat cap is still as popular today as it ever was, it could simply not be overlooked when it came to making our Top 5 summer picks for stylish men.

Whilst a hat with a brim is always recommended on days when the sun is beating down, there are still those days when all that’s needed is a little extra style and panache. On those not so blistering days, a flat cap can really add that touch of individualism to your summer outfit whilst still providing enough protection for the top of your head. The flat cap makes the Top 5 on style alone and because there’s such an array of colour options and different materials to choose from, finding the right style to suit your needs should never pose a real problem. For summer, lightweight styles made from linen or cotton are easy to wear and are usually the most breathable. But there are no rules when it comes to flat caps. They are versatile enough to blend in with most outfits, yet subtle enough to appear understated when they actually say so much about the wearer.

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5.  Outdoor Hats


If you love the great outdoors and are looking for a hat which is durable, easy to wear, and offers great sun protection, an Outdoor hat is an excellent option. Also known as Safari hats, they are practical, stylish, and perfectly well-suited for all outdoor pursuits including bush-walking, camping, hiking, and fishing. Often made from specific materials like weathered cotton or linen hemp, some Outdoor hats can also be packed which makes them great companions for when you’re on the move.

Because Outdoor hats are designed for just that; the great outdoors, the all-important wider brim provides extra protection from harmful UV rays. You’ll find most are UPF50+ certified and sometimes include features such as chin-cords or a ventilated mesh crown. Chin-cords are great for keeping your hat intact on windy days or when you’re out on the boat, whereas a mesh crown offers extra breathability on the occasions where you might be wearing your hat for long periods at a time. All in all, Outdoor hats are great all-rounders and often stylish enough to be worn as everyday hats.

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From the most practical to the utmost in style, you’ll find the hat which best suits your needs at Stanton Hats. Shop our premium range of the finest hats and be prepared to make your own style statement this summer.

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