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Stanton Hats traditional top hats and bowler hats are icons of timeless designs in their own right. Our top hats and bowler hats are a favourite with classic hat enthusiasts who enjoy adding a touch of elegance to their outfits.

Elegant Top Hats


Distinctly unique, the top hat encapsulates the true essence of tradition and refinement. With its origins dating back to the late 18th century, the top hat is a symbol of classic elegance and a staple of distinguished attire. Our authentic top hats are made from 100% premium wool felt and are perfect for more formal events such as weddings, special events, or a day at the races.

Classic Bowler Hats


Conceived by British hat makers Thomas and William Bowler, the origins of the traditional Bowler Hat date back to the mid-1800's. The bowler hat is still one of the world’s most recognized and iconic hat styles and it was regularly worn throughout the 19th century. Becoming more commonly associated with the business classes from the early 20th century onwards, the bowler hat today is worn more for adding a little extra charm and elegance at formal occasions in particular. Explore our quality-crafted top hats and bowler hats online — available now in a full range of sizes.

What’s the difference between a bowler hat and a top hat?

Top hats have tall, cylindrical crowns; whereas Bowler hats have round, shorter crowns. At different times in the past, both styles have been traditionally associated with figures of influence, stature, and social status but in more modern times, anyone can wear these iconic hat styles to suit the occasion or event.

What are bowler hats and top hats made from?

Bowler hats were traditionally made from hard felt, whilst the felt used to make top hats traditionally came from beaver pelts. The modern bowler and top hats of today are made from high-quality wool felt. Our top hats and bowler hats are traditionally styled with an authentic firm exterior and come complete with an inner satin-lined finish.

Are the sizes for bowler hats and top hats the same? 

Yes. Stanton Hats uses the same measurements guide for both styles and they are available in all sizes from small, medium, large, and extra-large. Our Hat Size Guide can be viewed here: