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Stanton Hats is pleased to offer its exclusive collection of classic fedora hats. Made from the highest quality materials and fabrics, our distinguished range of fedoras is designed to suit any occasion from formal through to casual wear.  With the emphasis on timeless designs, our carefully curated range of classic fedoras includes hats made from materials such as Australian wool, crocheted raffia straw, and fine fur felt. Our premium range of felt fedoras is available online and at select retail outlets around Australia.

Timeless Quality, Modestly Refined


The fedora has become an iconic symbol of refined style. Crafted from the finest raw materials, the Stanton range captures the true essence of this timeless classic. Perfect for both men and women, fedoras will always add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. When you choose Stanton Hats, you can select from Fine fur felt fedoras, Australian wool felt fedoras, Wheat straw fedoras, and Crocheted raffia fedoras. Shop the full range of fedora hats online with Stanton Hats Australia.

How do I measure my hat size for fedoras?

To measure your hat size, place a tape measure (tailor’s tape) horizontally around the widest part of your head approximately 3 cms above your eyebrows. The tape should ideally be placed around your head where the hat will sit. Whilst you’re not necessarily looking for a hat that fits too tightly, most fedoras in the Stanton Hats range are also size-adjustable which means the size can be reduced down if necessary. Our Hat Size Guide can be viewed here:

How do I wash my fedora?

For regular soiling such as dust and grime, we recommend using a hat brush to clean your felt fedora. For more stubborn marks, the affected area can be lightly spot-cleaned with a warm damp sponge. Straw hats can also be lightly dabbed with a warm damp cloth to absorb the staining. Take care not to over-saturate.
See here for more information about hat care:

Are fedoras unisex?

Yes. Although once considered to be more of a traditional gentleman’s hat, fedoras have evolved into hugely popular fashion items for both men and women. Not only are fedoras an all-inclusive style that will complement any outfit, but they are also a great way to express individual character. You can shop both men’s fedoras and women’s fedoras at Stanton Hats.

What are fedoras made of?

Fedoras are traditionally made from wool felt. Stanton Hats’ collection of fedora felt hats use only the finest high-quality Australian wool felt and fur felt for your comfort and convenience. We also have wheat straw and crocheted raffia fedoras which are generally worn in more casual settings.

What colours of fedoras do you have?

Our selection of fedoras comes in a wide range of both classic and modern colours. Browse the full collection of fedora hats to find the colour and style that best suits you.