Classic Fedora Styles

Stanton Hats is pleased to offer an exclusive collection of classic fedora hats. Made from the highest quality materials, our distinguished styles of the fedora are designed to suit every occasion - from casual days out to formal dinner parties.

With a carefully curated range of stylish hats with the emphasis on timeless designs, the fedora is a favourite in every hat enthusiast’s wardrobe. The Stanton range includes Fedoras made from materials such as Australian wool, wheat straw, and fine fur felt. All fedoras are available online, and within our Sydney storefront.

Timeless Quality, Modestly Refined

When you choose Stanton Hats for your new fedora, you’ll get the finest materials, the most professional handcrafting, and the most versatile styles. You can explore fine fur felt fedoras, Australian wool felt fedoras, wheat straw fedoras, and crocheted raffia fedoras.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure my hat size for fedoras?

To measure your hat size, you can wrap a measuring tape around your head — a little above your ears. The measurement is your hat size. We recommend leaving space for a finger between your head and the hat so it’s snug, but not too tight. Here are our sizes for most of our fedoras (and other hats): Small/Medium = 56-57 cm; Large = 58-59 cm; Extra Large = 60-61 cm. The good news is that Stanton Hats’ fedoras are all adjustable by a couple centimetres either way, using a genuine adjustable leather band.

How do I wash my fedora?

We recommend using a hat brush to clean fur and wool fedoras, and a damp cloth for straw fedoras. Take care of your fedora by handling it by the brim, not the crown, and avoid getting it wet or dirty.

Are fedoras unisex?

Absolutely. Although fedoras a traditionally a gentleman’s hat, there is no reason why anyone cannot wear them — they are all-inclusive and complement anyone’s outfit and aesthetic. You can shop both men’s fedoras and women’s fedoras with Stanton Hats. If you’re concerned about sizing, don’t worry — all our fedoras are size adjustable, featuring a leather band that can expand or compact the hat to accommodate your head and hair.

What are fedoras made of?

Fedoras are traditionally made from felt. Stanton Hats’ collection of fedora felt hats use the finest high-quality Australian wool felt or rabbit fur felt for your comfort and convenience. We also have wheat straw and crocheted raffia fedoras, which are more casual, modern fits.  

What colours of fedoras do you have? 

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