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Classic Felt Fedora-IT016Classic Felt Fedora-IT016
Classic Felt Fedora-IT016 Sale price$85.00
Deluxe Fur Felt Fedora-IT011Deluxe Fur Felt Fedora-IT011
Sold outCrocheted Raffia Fedora-SD751Crocheted Raffia Fedora-SD751
Sold outCrocheted Raffia Fedora-SD033Crocheted Raffia Fedora-SD033
Sheridan-SF902 Sale price$65.00
Western Felt Fedora-SF203Western Felt Fedora-SF203
Western Felt Fedora-SF203 Sale price$65.00
Fine Felt Fedora-IT013Fine Felt Fedora-IT013
Fine Felt Fedora-IT013 Sale price$124.00
Packable Felt Fedora-SF010Packable Felt Fedora-SF010
Laurence-IT001 Sale price$85.00
Alistair-IT004 Sale price$79.00
Fine Wool Felt Fedora-IT009Fine Wool Felt Fedora-IT009
Fine Wool Felt Fedora-IT009 Sale price$121.00
SF206 Sale price$65.00



Explore classic gentleman’s styles with Stanton Hats’ collection of fedora hats for men. The traditional fedora has a rich history dating back to the 1800s and has established itself as one of the most iconic hat styles for men.

Stanton Hats presents its unique range of timeless hat styles for men, from traditional to modern fedora designs. The fedora is a quintessential fashion accessory for any gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether it’s for a formal event or simply wanting to make your own individual fashion statement, there is an excellent selection of men’s fedora hats available at Stanton Hats.


Stanton Hats’ Traditional and Modern Men’s Fedoras

Our collection of timeless fedoras combines classic styles with contemporary appeal. With its distinctive crown and classic brim shape, the traditional fedora hat is perfectly well-suited to both formal and casual attire alike. Choose from Stanton Hats’ versatile range of designs and colours and explore the full collection of fedora hats for men online at Stanton Hats Australia.


Men’s Fedora Hats FAQs

Are fedoras just for men?

Although often associated as long being a traditional men’s style, fedoras were also popular with women as far back as the 1800s. The classic appeal of the fedora still remains consistent with the ever-changing fashion trends of modern times. It is widely regarded as a unisex style suitable for both men and women.

What are men’s fedoras made of? 

Men’s fedoras in the Stanton Hats range are made from a variety of high-quality materials, including Australian wool felt, fine fur felt, and natural crocheted raffia. Not only are good quality crocheted raffia hats travel-friendly, but they’re also lightweight and stylish, which makes them the ideal fashion accessory for mixing and matching with any number of summer outfits.

Are fedoras formal hats for men?

Because fedoras come in a wide range of styles and fabrics, they can suit both casual and formal occasions. Felt fedoras are more typically associated with formal events as they are smart in appearance and blend well with shirts, trousers, and suits. Hats can elevate different outfits for different occasions, so it’s always advisable to explore what works best for you. If you’re looking for something to suit a special occasion like a wedding or a day at the races, you can explore the Stanton Hats range of bowler and top hats, which are the height of formal wear for gentlemen.

What colours of men’s fedoras do you offer?

The Stanton Hats selection of men’s fedoras comes in a wide range of both classic and modern colours. Discover the complete collection of men’s fedora hats to find the perfect style and colour that best suits you. We also stock an extensive range of other men’s hat styles which you can browse online and at selected stores in Australia.