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Classic Ecuador Panama-SP900Classic Ecuador Panama-SP900
Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT300Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT300
Fine Brisa Panama-IT301
Fine Brisa Panama-IT301 Sale price$164.00
Save $20.00Ecuador Panama Leather Band-SP941Ecuador Panama Leather Band-SP941
Ecuador Panama Leather Band-SP941 Sale price$104.00 Regular price$124.00
Sheridan-SF902 Sale price$65.00
Classic Trilby-SF781Classic Trilby-SF781
Classic Trilby-SF781 Sale price$49.00
Laurence-IT001 Sale price$85.00
Gentleman-SF782 Sale price$56.00
UPF 50+ Safari Hat-SD850UPF 50+ Safari Hat-SD850
UPF 50+ Safari Hat-SD850 Sale price$39.00
UPF 50+ Linen Hemp Safari-SD779UPF 50+ Linen Hemp Safari-SD779
Outdoor Safari Mesh Crown-SD780Outdoor Safari Mesh Crown-SD780
UPF50+ Wax Cotton Safari-SU058UPF50+ Wax Cotton Safari-SU058
UPF 50+ Premium Safari-SU816UPF 50+ Premium Safari-SU816
Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT302Genuine Ecuador Panama-IT302
UPF 50+ Panama Style-SD800UPF 50+ Panama Style-SD800
Sold outCrocheted Raffia Fedora-SD033Crocheted Raffia Fedora-SD033
Packable Panama Style-STFD1647
Sold outCrocheted Raffia Fedora-SD751Crocheted Raffia Fedora-SD751
Braided Trilby-SD700Braided Trilby-SD700
Braided Trilby-SD700 Sale price$30.00
Crocheted Raffia Trilby-SD031Crocheted Raffia Trilby-SD031
Barkley-SY809 Sale price$30.00
Herringbone Newsboy-SY910Herringbone Newsboy-SY910
Herringbone Newsboy-SY910 Sale price$32.00
Fine Cotton Ivy Cap-SY810Fine Cotton Ivy Cap-SY810
Fine Cotton Ivy Cap-SY810 Sale price$30.00
Linen Blend Ivy-SY071Linen Blend Ivy-SY071
Linen Blend Ivy-SY071 Sale price$27.00
Linen Blend Ivy-IT215Linen Blend Ivy-IT215
Linen Blend Ivy-IT215 Sale price$59.00
Classic 6-panel Ivy-SY122Classic 6-panel Ivy-SY122
Classic 6-panel Ivy-SY122 Sale price$27.00
 Italy Cap black Italy Cap grey
Glen Plaid Ivy Cap-IT212 Sale price$49.00
Leo-SY710 Sale price$27.00
Classic Fedora-SF011Classic Fedora-SF011
Classic Fedora-SF011 Sale price$65.00
Packable Felt Fedora-SF010Packable Felt Fedora-SF010
Premium Trilby-IT003Premium Trilby-IT003
Premium Trilby-IT003 Sale price$79.00
Isaac-IT002 Sale price$79.00
Bowler Hat-ST201Bowler Hat-ST201
Bowler Hat-ST201 Sale price$52.00
Black Pork Pie Hat
Pork Pie Hat-SF783 Sale price$47.00
Top Hat-SF801
Top Hat-SF801 Sale price$85.00
Classic Boater-SD781
Classic Boater-SD781 Sale price$118.00
Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203
Nappa Leather Ivy Cap-IT203 Sale price$111.00
Premium Leather Ivy-IT204
Premium Leather Ivy-IT204 Sale price$131.00
Premium Leather Newsboy-IT213Premium Leather Newsboy-IT213
Sold outHarris Tweed Newsboy-IT211Harris Tweed Newsboy-IT211
Curtis-IT202 Sale price$56.00
Satin-lined Newsboy Cap-SY204
Gilbert-STC1640 Sale price$27.00
Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218
Traditional Ivy Cap-IT218 Sale price$59.00
Marlon-IT208 Sale price$62.00
Cotton Ivy Cap-SY015Cotton Ivy Cap-SY015
Cotton Ivy Cap-SY015 Sale price$32.00
Wool Blend Patch Ivy-SY804Wool Blend Patch Ivy-SY804
Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210
Harris Tweed Ivy Cap-IT210 Sale priceFrom $82.00



Stanton Hats is one of Australia’s leading providers of high-quality, stylishly durable hats for men. From the classic fedora through to the heritage newsboy cap, our collection of men’s hats pays tribute to the traditional styles of the past whilst reflecting the spirit of modern trends in men’s fashion of today.

Timeless, Classic Styles for Men


Stanton Hats are made from the finest materials, handcrafted to the highest standards, and designed to keep the focus firmly on style, tradition, and quality. Whether it be for a special occasion or for everyday wear; browse our collection today to find your classic men’s hat at Stanton Hats.

Can I wash my hat?

Care requirements for men’s hats will depend upon the particular material or fabric they are made from. Machine washing hats is never recommended but if you have any questions about cleaning or maintaining your hat, please contact the team at Stanton Hats or see here for more general information about hat care:

What kind of styles does Stanton stock?

There is a wide range of styles of hats for men available at Stanton Hats. We are pleased to offer the following styles of gentlemen’s headwear: Men’s FedorasTrilby HatsPanama HatsBoater HatsIvy Caps & Newsboy CapsPork Pie HatsBowler Hats & Top Hats.

What materials are men’s hats made from?

Stanton Hats’ extensive range of hats for men incorporates only the highest-quality, authentic materials and fabrics with different styles made from different materials. For example, genuine Panama hats are made from premium Toquila palm straw, whilst our classic trilby hats are made from premium wool felt. Our range of Fedoras are made from a variety of fine fur felts, Australian wool felt, natural raffia, and wheat straw. Ivy Caps and Newsboy caps can be made of Harris Tweed, Italian leather, wool blends, quality linen and more.